I explained in my artist's statement that my sculpture pieces emerge from a lengthy thinking and making process. Often during this time components are made and my sculptures come together at the very end - constructed from a kit of home-made parts.

The making process is an exciting time and mix of emotions. From early doubt and anxiety about the viability of me and my skills being able to translate my ideas from a mental image into a physical sculpture, through to the hours of sketch book work and draughtsman drawings on my much loved millimetre paper. The joy of the hours in the workshop filing, cutting, drilling and sewing often become a creative meditation and much loved part of the process and is followed by the excitement of the piece finally coming together as the finished article.

Here I present a number of sketch book images and photo's to give you a little insight into this process. Something I think is often hidden by artists... but yet for me is something I love to discuss and share.



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